The Hidden Message in a Name

I watched a very good movie the other evening. “From Paris With Love” starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I almost didn’t watch it, though. I was in the mood for an adventure and when I read the name, it didn’t sound like one. The write-up sold me. My cousin said he didn’t watch it on HBO because it sounded boring. Why wasn’t it more compelling?

Names have pre-liminal meanings – messages your subconscious gets before you interpret the name or title. “From Paris With Love” means benevolence, organization, a practical leader. Great for a documentary but not best for an adventure film.

What name could really promote the movie? “From Russia With Love,” the obvious inspiration for the new movie title, means initiative, daring and a courageous leader. “The French Connection” is somewhat similar. Had I been working with the producers, my recommendation would have been “The Paris Connection” which carries almost exactly the same meaning as the James Bond movie title.

Names have meanings that are projected directly into one’s subconscious before the words are interpreted into language. Even more significantly, this can be accurately calculated in advance. From children’s names and professional signatures to product names and movie titles, it’s possible to plan ahead for predictable results.



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Create Your Turning Point

For three or four years, I had been putting off a custom motorcycle project until money was available. Enough was set aside for the frame but that was all. The project was on indefinite hold. All efforts to generate an income weren’t working. Basic necessities were covered by my wife’s income but there was no extra. My life seemed stuck. The motorcycle seemed a distant dream.

In spite of how it seemed, I decided to order the frame. It would arrive from New Zealand in three weeks. How long the project would take didn’t matter because the dream had became a reality. I was happier and more optimistic.

A week later, I was offered some contract work. It was good income doing something I enjoyed. When the frame arrived, money was available to complete the project. A year and a half later it was finished.

Because I believed that the frame could be ordered when there was money to complete the motorcycle, I had unknowingly laid the groundwork to bring prosperity. When I ordered the frame, the money had to be there so it was.

The act of ordering a frame brought many changes. A dream became a reality. Life got unstuck. A lack of work turned into a very good income. Frustration gave way to possibility.

Belief is paramount. When you believe something is true, conditions shift to support that belief. The key is to recognize how to take advantage of what you believe.


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I Can Do That!

Fresh out of the military, I wanted work. There was an opening at a processing plant to build and install machinery. “I can do that”, I thought and went for an interview.

The Chief Engineer asked if I could weld. I had tried once. “Yep,” I said. He asked me if I could read blueprints. I didn’t know if I couldn’t so I said, “Yes.” He told me to be there the following day at 8:00.

The next morning, my new boss handed me a roll of blueprints and said, “Get a welder from the tool crib and build this system of conveyors in the building next door”. “OK” I said and left.

I rolled a welder into the building, set it the way someone else had his, unrolled the blueprints and started. The prints seemed obvious. I mimicked the way others worked and copied their techniques. I never told anyone I didn’t know what I was doing and they never let on they knew it. They just offered suggestions and I listened.

One day it was done. All 8 conveyors worked! I was thrilled. In the three months it took to build that system, I’d learned basic layout & welding, electrical systems, conveyor belts, drive chains & sprockets, steam & water line plumbing and machinery installation.

The entire time, I assumed I could do the job. This was made a reality by men giving me guidance, intuitive moments of understanding and the fact that the Chief Engineer only came around when I was doing well.

Always affirm the desired result. The universe supports this. Consciously choose the direction for your life and you will have it.


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Are You For or Against?

The other day I heard someone talk about the war on drugs. There are a lot of movements against things. World Organization Against Torture, Women Organized Against Rape, Students Against Drunk Driving, National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, the list is long.

Many think the only way to eliminate something is to work against it. This is far from correct. Your subconscious brings more of whatever your attention is on. When focused on a problem, you direct your subconscious toward it. It’s a spiral into more and more of what you don’t want.

The right way to correct a situation is to put your attention on the opposite. Instead of aligning with the war on drugs, join the Organization For Recovery. If you want to stop war, support the Organization for International Cooperation or the Veterans For Peace. If there isn’t an organization or movement to bring what you want, find some like-minded people and start one. When your attention is on the desired result, you work to create it.

Notice how you feel after reading each sign. The one on the right is much more likely be effective.


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What’s In A Mood?

Notice how you feel when in a good mood. You’re alive with energy, food tastes great, people are enjoyable to be around. Life is good.

In a bad mood, you feel drained. Food doesn’t taste right and people get on your nerves. Life seems bleak.

Barring chemical imbalances, moods are habitual. They don’t just happen, you choose them. Maybe not consciously but you did make the rules.

Here’s how it works. In the past, you reacted to a situation and that put you in a mood, good or bad. Now you have an association of a particular mood with certain conditions. When similar conditions occur, you duplicate that mood.

You don’t have to be in a bad mood just because that’s how you typically react. It takes a conscious decision and practice. You can be in a good mood even when things don’t go your way. Answers and solutions then appear where before they couldn’t.

The natural human state is to be happy. Not necessarily jubilant and bubbly but pleasantly comfortable within yourself. Develop that and improve your level of enjoyment.

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Choose Your Outcome

The day before Easter, my wife, Marie, and I visited my nephew and his family. She took our dogs for a walk so they could burn off some energy. While walking in a grassy common area, they encountered a woman with two other dogs. When ours moved to say “hi”, my wife twisted her ankle in the deep grass.

Her ankle hurt so much she was afraid to put any weight on it. Instead of concentrating on how much it hurt and feeling sorry for herself, she continued walking and visualized the pain leaving her foot with each step. As she walked, the ankle felt better and better. By the time she had returned from the walk, her ankle was normal.

What did she do? At the moment of occurrence, before her mind had a chance to internalize injury, she decided to have a normal, healthy ankle. She consciously chose what the outcome would be. For this to work, only two things are necessary: mental discipline and confidence. Control your thoughts and know the outcome will be what you want. It’s powerful. It works.


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You Want Change?

To want change is reasonable. Just wanting won’t do the job, though. Your life is the way it is because of who you are. If you think others are at fault, you live as a victim, never happy. If you want change, you have to do something different.

Assume responsibility for your life. When you do this, you take an important step. Then you can see what needs to be adjusted.

You may have to admit you’ve been wrong. That’s no big deal unless you make it one. It’s part of life. When you embrace the fact that you aren’t perfect and make mistakes, you can correct them.

Change takes courage. What you ‘know’ must be left behind when it doesn’t serve you. You step into the unknown, away from what’s familiar. The desire for change has to be stronger than your fears.

Here’s the plan. Take responsibility for your life. Admit you aren’t perfect. Be willing to change. Now you’re ready to leap forward. To get something different, be different.

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