Things happen with intent

A few years ago, my main computer crashed, followed a couple days later by my backup one.

That week, I was scheduled for a TV interview. After loosing access to all my data, I was in no frame of mind to prepare for an interview. I really wanted to get the computer problem corrected without other distractions. Two days later, and two days before the interview, I got a call. The interview was postponed.

In the next two weeks, I installed a new hard drive, loaded all the necessary software and configured the system. Then, after seeing that all my backed up files were good, I leaned back in my chair and thought, “OK, I’m ready to go to work, again.”

Within a half an hour, a friend of mine called and asked me to do a speaking engagement in two days. I hung up the phone and called the TV host to reschedule. He asked if I would like to be interviewed the following Monday on a different program. The date was set for that with the other interview to be scheduled later.

Within an hour of affirming that I was ready to go to work, I had two good engagements and a probable third. Opportunities disappeared when I wanted them to. Then more appeared when I was ready to take action.

This is an example of clear intent. Everyone does it but most don’t realize they’re doing it all the time. Intent is everything. What you truly decide will happen, does. This is not merely wanting or wishing but a strong conviction that it will come about.


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