An Exciting New Influence

A shift occurred with the birth of a new Millennium in the year 2000. The previous millennium, from 1000 to 1999, was all about separatism and the supremacy of leading parties. There were great people, known for their discrete accomplishments. The same was true for businesses, corporations and countries. Standing apart as an outstanding individual was the dream of all.

Working TogetherThis standard changed 10 years ago. The old paradigms that served us so well just don’t work the same anymore. Sure, there will be outstanding individuals but there is a difference. The coming thousand years will bring new types of leaders into view. They will be the ones who get results by working with others for mutual benefit.

People are changing their perceptions. They want to interact with their environment whether that is the internet and all it has to offer or a forest full of nature’s miracles. The lubricants of progress are interaction, cooperation and service. Trading information and viewpoints has great value to us. As you read this post, your understanding of the world may be altered. You can respond to the post and share what you feel about it. We all enjoy the exchange. It’s a new world and we’re part of it.


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