Taking Advantage of the New Influence

Previously, I wrote about the way to handle affairs in the coming millennium. There are many ways to take advantage of the new influences so let’s take a look at one of them.

Up until now, we simply went about our dealings, amassing as much capital as possible to rise above the competition. The proven way was to build a client base, cut overhead and streamline production in an effort to make best use of available resources. That worked well and, to some degree, still will. There is a difference, though.

We can’t really be the best by standing alone anymore. The best achievements will be done by those who team with others to achieve a common goal. Pooling resources is more efficient and offers greater opportunities for achievement. It can be as simple as dividing up the workload so we all don’t have to do all of the steps ourselves.

I saw an example in a news article recently of two people who were buying homes at auction to renovate and resell. They were in competition. They would bid against each other until one dropped out. Then they had a great idea. They pooled resources and bought homes together. They were then buying the homes for less and renovating them as partners. They bought twice as many for less than if they bought them separately. They also had resources that they could share. They worked together rather than in competition. They’re both more successful.

This is just one example of how working together can benefit individuals more than being on their own. Instead of “Me”, the new way to think is, “We.”


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  1. Kay Whitefield

    I would enjoy your coming conference but I live in New Jersey. I am a long-time dowser and member df ASD and am constantly being reminded of the power of intent and the power of working together for a common goal. I have the experience of the power of pooling resources almost every day. Thanks for your email and your reminder of this. It is just what I needed to hear this morning. Your blog looks great! I’m confident you are succeeding in your business.

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