So You Want to Manifest Something…

Everything goes where it’s directed. Animals let their intuition or needs direct them. Cars are directed by manipulating the controls. Your life is directed by your attention.

 Consider this hypothetical scenario. John needs $1000. He visualizes the $1000 many times each day. There are pressing bills and he has an underlying concern about whether he will be able to get the money but he keeps at it.

 Where is John’s attention? It’s on the lack of money. Fear is the underlying emotion in his visualization. Even though he thinks about the $1000 coming to him, he is actually manifesting the opposite.

 Manifesting requires more than just visualization. The real tool for getting what you want is how you FEEL about it. When you are happy and excited about something, you attract it. Here’s the key – you have the natural ability to choose how you feel. Everyone can do it and it gets easier with practice. Try it today, choose to feel really great about something you want and imagine how wonderful your life is with it. Pick something easy and start building emotional muscle. It works.


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  1. Lita Quetnick


    Thank you for this! I have been on the wrong track and in a spiral. This is getting me out and on my way again.


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