What Do You Expect?

When things go your way, you continue what you’re doing because it works. If events aren’t what you want, you need to change something.

An honest assessment is necessary. Pay attention to what’s going on in your life. What are your actions? What do you expect to happen? Are your expectations reasonable, based on the results of your actions?

Photo Thanks to Desiree Gandrup

Trial and error helps you develop a sense of realistic expectation. As you learn what works, your expectations become more experience-based and you can predict results with greater accuracy.

To change what happens, change what you do. The best action may not be evident, but continuing a type of behavior that doesn’t work certainly isn’t the answer. Try something different. If that doesn’t work, try something else. You can really get your life on track this way. Learning by experimentation worked when you were a toddler. It will always work.


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  1. Hey Robert!
    Looks good! You know, you and I need to talk once in awhile. Seems like everytime we do you give me a suggestion that I take and run with and they are great ideas! And, they incorporate an avenue or direction I may never have thought of or considered. For example, the nature mandalas on my site. Basically I think you spoke to me of making little energy structures in the woods when we went out for walks using found materials like leaves or stones, etc. I call them nature mandalas, and they are so much fun, have great energy and people love to do them. Thanks, let’s talk again soon, Michele

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