You Want Change?

To want change is reasonable. Just wanting won’t do the job, though. Your life is the way it is because of who you are. If you think others are at fault, you live as a victim, never happy. If you want change, you have to do something different.

Assume responsibility for your life. When you do this, you take an important step. Then you can see what needs to be adjusted.

You may have to admit you’ve been wrong. That’s no big deal unless you make it one. It’s part of life. When you embrace the fact that you aren’t perfect and make mistakes, you can correct them.

Change takes courage. What you ‘know’ must be left behind when it doesn’t serve you. You step into the unknown, away from what’s familiar. The desire for change has to be stronger than your fears.

Here’s the plan. Take responsibility for your life. Admit you aren’t perfect. Be willing to change. Now you’re ready to leap forward. To get something different, be different.


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