Choose Your Outcome

The day before Easter, my wife, Marie, and I visited my nephew and his family. She took our dogs for a walk so they could burn off some energy. While walking in a grassy common area, they encountered a woman with two other dogs. When ours moved to say “hi”, my wife twisted her ankle in the deep grass.

Her ankle hurt so much she was afraid to put any weight on it. Instead of concentrating on how much it hurt and feeling sorry for herself, she continued walking and visualized the pain leaving her foot with each step. As she walked, the ankle felt better and better. By the time she had returned from the walk, her ankle was normal.

What did she do? At the moment of occurrence, before her mind had a chance to internalize injury, she decided to have a normal, healthy ankle. She consciously chose what the outcome would be. For this to work, only two things are necessary: mental discipline and confidence. Control your thoughts and know the outcome will be what you want. It’s powerful. It works.



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3 responses to “Choose Your Outcome

  1. Robert, that is so true. I believe it 100%. I have been successful at this myself and also extremely unsuccessful – depending on my MIND and vibration at the time. It is a great reminder. I wish I could SHARE this to Facebook. Juliette 😉

    • Thanks for bringing this up, Juliette. I learned how to add the SHARE button. It’s on the right side under the email subscription, now.

  2. Vivian

    This is supported by Abraham-Hicks and by the work done by Hale Dworski in the Sedona Method. It works. Thoughts and vibrations and we can live the joyful life we choose to live. Keep up the good work

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