Create Your Turning Point

For three or four years, I had been putting off a custom motorcycle project until money was available. Enough was set aside for the frame but that was all. The project was on indefinite hold. All efforts to generate an income weren’t working. Basic necessities were covered by my wife’s income but there was no extra. My life seemed stuck. The motorcycle seemed a distant dream.

In spite of how it seemed, I decided to order the frame. It would arrive from New Zealand in three weeks. How long the project would take didn’t matter because the dream had became a reality. I was happier and more optimistic.

A week later, I was offered some contract work. It was good income doing something I enjoyed. When the frame arrived, money was available to complete the project. A year and a half later it was finished.

Because I believed that the frame could be ordered when there was money to complete the motorcycle, I had unknowingly laid the groundwork to bring prosperity. When I ordered the frame, the money had to be there so it was.

The act of ordering a frame brought many changes. A dream became a reality. Life got unstuck. A lack of work turned into a very good income. Frustration gave way to possibility.

Belief is paramount. When you believe something is true, conditions shift to support that belief. The key is to recognize how to take advantage of what you believe.



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10 responses to “Create Your Turning Point

  1. Alicia

    An inspiration to me, “When you believe something is true, conditions shift to support that belief” thank you!

  2. Robert,
    You are so right!!! And occasionally I forget that and have to strongly remind myself, by taking an action like renting studio/workshop space, buying a critical piece of equipment, taking the trip to where I know there will be opportunities. These are commitments that logically and financially don’t make sense, but sure enough I get unstuck and things start to flow. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Your intuition is developed nicely, Kay. On one level, I intuitively knew to order the frame but it wasn’t a conscious use of intuition. At that time, I also didn’t fully understand the importance of beliefs. It was a good lesson for me in how the universe works.

      Thanks, Robert

  3. Robert,
    I’ve been a dowser since 1969, and have attended many Conventions in Lyndonville. Your example about the way the universe works, has finally made it into my daily work-a-day world. However I get worried and forget sometimes and need to be reminded.
    Thanks Again,

    • Glad to see you’re living it. That’s the ultimate goal, in my opinion. Even so, we all need reminding now and then. Thanks for the input.


  4. laurie

    Thank you for sharing Robert! You make life happen…

  5. So awesome Robert—You inspire me!

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