Who is Robert?

Gandrup family life revolved about their twenty acre foothills property they called simply, “the ranch.” Their late 1800’s, two-story farmhouse overlooked the Pajaro Valley from the end of a country road.

A farmer and carpenter, Robert’s father and two brothers rolled the house on logs to a better corner of the property. Father dowsed water wells and used the astrology-based Farmers Almanac to sow crops by the moon. Mother was a member and First Reader with the Christian Science Church. The author of daily prayer book called “Messages of Truth,” Grandma Hopkins was a sought after faith healer. The family valued open-minded thinking.

With the children ready to begin school, the Gandrups decided to move to town. The ranch and its apple and apricot trees stayed in the family. Father drove a ‘46 Chevy flatbed truck to work in his orchards. Robert tagged along to help out, take solo hikes or hunt with his dad. He learned respect for nature and to leave no trace as he moved through the countryside.

Spiritual education put Robert in Sunday school at the local First Christian and Baptist churches. Grandma’s minister often called her to pray for church members with ailments. They got better.

Robert’s family saw a well-known numerologist for advice when he was a teenager. Intrigued by the impact numerology had on his parent’s decisions, Robert studied and applied numerology to his own life. A near intuitive in math and keenly interested in words, Robert noticed, “There are numbers and combinations here that need definitions.” He wrote his own.

Those early experiences proved to Robert a shift in focus changes the outcome. With an eye to reveal the opportunities hidden in challenges, Robert first offered phone sessions in 1995. He tells clients, “Yesterday’s belief isn’t as important as what we do today.”

Business is a discipline that rewards efficiency, communication and clear purpose. To maintain relevance over time, core strengths must be expressed in new ways. Logic is taught but we learn about intuition through trial and error. Understanding combines those two. A broad understanding of people and their experience allows Robert to provide key insights essential for business development.


2 responses to “Who is Robert?

  1. Kim

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation at the GG Chapter of Dowsers meeting on 2/20. It was nice to hear the parallel perspectives from two different “modalities” (numerology and astrology). Truly fascinating!

  2. It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it’s always possible to find something new. 🙂

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