What Do You Expect?

When things go your way, you continue what you’re doing because it works. If events aren’t what you want, you need to change something.

An honest assessment is necessary. Pay attention to what’s going on in your life. What are your actions? What do you expect to happen? Are your expectations reasonable, based on the results of your actions?

Photo Thanks to Desiree Gandrup

Trial and error helps you develop a sense of realistic expectation. As you learn what works, your expectations become more experience-based and you can predict results with greater accuracy.

To change what happens, change what you do. The best action may not be evident, but continuing a type of behavior that doesn’t work certainly isn’t the answer. Try something different. If that doesn’t work, try something else. You can really get your life on track this way. Learning by experimentation worked when you were a toddler. It will always work.


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Bank Your Intuitive Ability

Could your passion pay money? In the year 2000, U.S. Universities offered 400 entrepreneurship programs. Today they offer 2100. Your service or product is unique. What are you waiting for?

Old barriers have fallen. Our society is eager to find new ways to operate and imagine the future. The unconventional is now accepted.

Rob Ryan and I will give an all-day workshop for those who want to turn their special skill or green product into a profitable business. Attendees will learn how to embrace all aspects of building a rewarding business or practice. They can see how to identify their marketable skill, set fees and promote themselves to build a book of business. We will share our years of experience so others have a jumpstart in theirs.  This workshop is especially designed to support intuitives, green businesses, coaches and consultants for nutrition, health, healthy homes and life balance.

The workshop will be held at the University of California, Santa Cruz campus as part of the American Society of Dowsers West Coast Conference. The date is July 7, 2010 from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm. Registration information can be found at the conference website  http://dowserswestcoast.org/  .


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So You Want to Manifest Something…

Everything goes where it’s directed. Animals let their intuition or needs direct them. Cars are directed by manipulating the controls. Your life is directed by your attention.

 Consider this hypothetical scenario. John needs $1000. He visualizes the $1000 many times each day. There are pressing bills and he has an underlying concern about whether he will be able to get the money but he keeps at it.

 Where is John’s attention? It’s on the lack of money. Fear is the underlying emotion in his visualization. Even though he thinks about the $1000 coming to him, he is actually manifesting the opposite.

 Manifesting requires more than just visualization. The real tool for getting what you want is how you FEEL about it. When you are happy and excited about something, you attract it. Here’s the key – you have the natural ability to choose how you feel. Everyone can do it and it gets easier with practice. Try it today, choose to feel really great about something you want and imagine how wonderful your life is with it. Pick something easy and start building emotional muscle. It works.

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Taking Advantage of the New Influence

Previously, I wrote about the way to handle affairs in the coming millennium. There are many ways to take advantage of the new influences so let’s take a look at one of them.

Up until now, we simply went about our dealings, amassing as much capital as possible to rise above the competition. The proven way was to build a client base, cut overhead and streamline production in an effort to make best use of available resources. That worked well and, to some degree, still will. There is a difference, though.

We can’t really be the best by standing alone anymore. The best achievements will be done by those who team with others to achieve a common goal. Pooling resources is more efficient and offers greater opportunities for achievement. It can be as simple as dividing up the workload so we all don’t have to do all of the steps ourselves.

I saw an example in a news article recently of two people who were buying homes at auction to renovate and resell. They were in competition. They would bid against each other until one dropped out. Then they had a great idea. They pooled resources and bought homes together. They were then buying the homes for less and renovating them as partners. They bought twice as many for less than if they bought them separately. They also had resources that they could share. They worked together rather than in competition. They’re both more successful.

This is just one example of how working together can benefit individuals more than being on their own. Instead of “Me”, the new way to think is, “We.”

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An Exciting New Influence

A shift occurred with the birth of a new Millennium in the year 2000. The previous millennium, from 1000 to 1999, was all about separatism and the supremacy of leading parties. There were great people, known for their discrete accomplishments. The same was true for businesses, corporations and countries. Standing apart as an outstanding individual was the dream of all.

Working TogetherThis standard changed 10 years ago. The old paradigms that served us so well just don’t work the same anymore. Sure, there will be outstanding individuals but there is a difference. The coming thousand years will bring new types of leaders into view. They will be the ones who get results by working with others for mutual benefit.

People are changing their perceptions. They want to interact with their environment whether that is the internet and all it has to offer or a forest full of nature’s miracles. The lubricants of progress are interaction, cooperation and service. Trading information and viewpoints has great value to us. As you read this post, your understanding of the world may be altered. You can respond to the post and share what you feel about it. We all enjoy the exchange. It’s a new world and we’re part of it.

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Vulture message

The vulture message is that of cleansing and shedding old baggage.

This vulture flew repeatedly past our upper level window where I stood. At times, there were only about 5 feet and a pane of glass between us. It made passes for several minutes before leaving on its way. It was quite fascinating to see this magnificent bird looking back at me. Things in my life have definitely changed since then. My wife took this picture of it.

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Things happen with intent

A few years ago, my main computer crashed, followed a couple days later by my backup one.

That week, I was scheduled for a TV interview. After loosing access to all my data, I was in no frame of mind to prepare for an interview. I really wanted to get the computer problem corrected without other distractions. Two days later, and two days before the interview, I got a call. The interview was postponed.

In the next two weeks, I installed a new hard drive, loaded all the necessary software and configured the system. Then, after seeing that all my backed up files were good, I leaned back in my chair and thought, “OK, I’m ready to go to work, again.”

Within a half an hour, a friend of mine called and asked me to do a speaking engagement in two days. I hung up the phone and called the TV host to reschedule. He asked if I would like to be interviewed the following Monday on a different program. The date was set for that with the other interview to be scheduled later.

Within an hour of affirming that I was ready to go to work, I had two good engagements and a probable third. Opportunities disappeared when I wanted them to. Then more appeared when I was ready to take action.

This is an example of clear intent. Everyone does it but most don’t realize they’re doing it all the time. Intent is everything. What you truly decide will happen, does. This is not merely wanting or wishing but a strong conviction that it will come about.

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